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In 2002, my father died. I had driven our co-owned Honda Accord for 14 years and prior to his death, he told me that I would be needing a new car soon and asked me what I would get. A brand new Mercedes, I told him. Black. 4-door… before I could go any further he cut in.

“They are expensive.” Eyebrows raised. “And they cost a fortune to maintain.”

“I know,” I replied. But what I didn’t share, was how upset I was. How dare he? I wanted that car, and inside I felt that he was trying to take my joy away. I noticed my inclination to internalize the message as saying I wasn’t worth it, I knew that it was fear based.

But I knew, even then, that those feelings and thoughts were a mindset that I could take in and make meaning of or not. I learned that what I didn’t take in, I didn’t have to work out.

At the time I chose not to go into upset, and jump onto the offensive so I simply told him that I would drive the Honda till it was smoking.

I did.


Six months after my father died billows of smoke began coming out from under the hood. It wasn’t on fire, it was an oil leak. My mechanic, who I had worked with for 12 years broke the news to me quite solemnly. “This is it. It’s now going to cost more to fix than it’s worth.”

He assured me that the smoke was not a problem to drive, and I endured a few weeks of people pointing at my car while I was driving trying to warn me… I made up a sign that simply stated: I KNOW.

I did my research. I would buy a C-320 Mercedes. Truth was it was $5000 more than I could really afford, but I said yes anyway.  I LOVED the car! Ambassador was mine. The day I drove him home, I had the sunroof open, and I heard my father say “weeeeee” as I took a corner with ease.

A few days after I got my new car, I booked a job for $5000.  A few months later I was at a party, and a friend who was also a psychic sidled up to me and said, “Hey I have a message for you.”

Now I always love these, sometimes they’re right on, and others not so much… but in this moment my friend said, “Your dad wants you to know that he was in the car that day on Mulholland.”

That was a huge money year for me and it poured in, in one year I paid the car off.

I realized today that it was 14 years since my father died. 14 years since I bought Ambassador (his name) and a few weeks ago, he started dying while I was in traffic. I knew it was time.

I also thought that I may never get into a Mercedes again, which is why I purchased that car all those years ago.

Two weeks ago, my car was towed into the local dealership here in Asheville. My intention was to go for a Ford or a Jeep. But as I sat in each of those cars, it didn’t feel right. I sat in the New Mercedes GLA and it was right. This was my car.

The deal was outstanding, and truthfully, what I feared for all those years wasn’t true. I can and would own a new Mercedes. Laila is a great car, (that’s her name, and her nickname is Zippy).

What I now know to be true is that the money will appear. And honestly, I did my own money attraction meditations that I only use for myself, and summoned in a substantial down payment to create payments of $293 a month.

All I had to do was turn on my “money” system using my chakra and wham… in it flowed.

I was telling a friend about it and she asked me to show her, so I did.

Then I realized that I wanted to show everyone…. So stay tuned I’ll be announcing it soon.


With Love,


P.s. Remember, you can have exactly what you desire, but the key is to enjoy it.

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