Why Does Money Dissipate When we Manifest it?

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When I had my spiritual club, the number one question I would get from people was: How can I create more abundance?

And the statement I hear most often from clients about getting something they love or changing their lives is I can’t afford it.

Both of these statements draw on the same belief system. What I’m talking about is scarcity.

Did you know that the number one quality in all people who have money (let’s say for this conversation millionaires), is that they are willing to risk everything when they see the right offer?

What is it then that makes the difference between pulling the trigger or walking away?

In the 1980s, Tony Robbins called this phenomenon leverage. And many of the motivational speakers today still speak about your “Why?”

I’m referring to the concept of – you must have a big enough reason for wanting that, whatever that is, in order to take that leap.

I think many people don’t really consider what the phrase “leap of faith” means.

Notice that there’s a leap in that statement and you must jump in with faith.

It doesn’t say jump because you think it’s good. It’s not leap into a good idea; which can almost always be followed up with: It was a good idea at the time…

Some of you have heard me define the difference between belief and knowing. A belief is something we create internally to overcome something externally. For example: I believe I can pass the test.

The experience of knowing is the emotional state that will always precede a leap of faith. So that statement would look something like: I know I can ace the test.

Let me define this further with the moment that helped me experience the difference.

Years ago I was out with some friends, one of whom went on to become a very famous actor. At the time, he turned to me and said, “Do you really believe this crap you do?”

“No,” I replied. “I know it.”

So what do I mean? Well, when I’m doing a reading I don’t necessarily believe in what I’m doing. Knowing is a God consciousness, and is experienced as an inner wisdom. It is greater than trust. It is bigger and wider than anything one can experience.

I’d like you to go inside as you’re reading this and energetically notice the difference between a belief which is placed in your head or sixth chakra area, and a knowing which is located in your solar plexus or third chakra.

When you can experience the difference, you’ll get that “Beliefs” always have againstness energy because it’s actually something that’s created to overcome something else.

Conversely, I’d like you to step into knowing. I’d like you to also notice that the third chakra, which contains your knowing, is very grounded. It is a physical form of what you came in with and is actually a part of your body where the change happens because you decided it.

In essence, it is replacing something else – one belief replaces another, while a knowing is neither.

Now to the final piece of the puzzle. Ready?

Most affirmations, meditations, and money magnetizing work are done through the belief system. That means it is limiting you to one chakra – 6th and yes, this Chakra houses all family of origin issues…

…so what happens when we build anything on old family beliefs?

For some people, that is ideal. They come from wealth and know (notice the word) how to attract it instinctively (Instinct = third chakra).

For some of us, we must manifest and magnetize from our knowing.

Let me tell you a few things that begin to happen when you are living from your knowing:

  • Things you deeply desire will show up as if by magic
  • You will really experience joy and feel truly peaceful
  • Toxic people and circumstances will no longer grow in your life
  • Coincidences will show up everywhere, life road signs confirming your choices.

When I started working with Chakra Money Attraction, this was not what I expected. But this is what has happened. In essence, my entire being joins energetically and attracts the money I need when I need it.

And YES. It is teachable.

The best part?

It is an intuitive experience, once you learn it, you will never forget it.

I Can’t WAIT to share this with you. FREE.

That’s right.

Entirely FREE. No Cost. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch…

7 Days, one day for each chakra where you will experience the power of your Chakra to Open your Inner Money Knowing.

Are you ready?

See you on April 24!

Much Love,


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