Remaining Calm in the Midst of Change

In the past few weeks, I have been thrown into the midst of incredible change: I bought a new house My car died and I had to get a new car And my phone said goodbye and I’ve had to learn a [...]


Are we Really Depressed?

Years ago, as he was dying my father told me; “You know, I’ve been depressed my whole life, it’s a terrible fate.” Even then something came through me and my response was, “Poppa, you weren’t [...]


Why the Yellow Chakra can be Challenging

  This week I noticed that the response to my weekly question on Facebook was extremely high. The question of the week was: “What does the Yellow Chakra mean to you?” People responded that [...]


Key Reading SKILL: The ability to empower the client.

One of the most important things that a great reader does is inspire you. In my years of doing private sessions, my intention was always to offer people an uplifting message – Not “good news,” [...]